Hello. My name is Rebecca Sefcovic Uglem. Artist, Crafter, Mom and Wife. Not always in that order. Although I was born in the 1980s, I am in love with the illustration design of the 1940s-1960s. I love the look of vintage and mid-century. From the delicious design of vintage furniture to the magazine ads and illustrations. I am just a one person artist run small business and really do appreciate your support.


Beckamade, which I started back in 2007, is my indie handmade business and creative outlet. My love of vintage and retro, combined with my Midwest roots is expressed in the work I create. I live, work, and make stuff out of my little cottage house in Grand Forks, North Dakota (You Betcha!) with my hubby, 2 little girls (who are not so little with every passing day!) and our silly orange cat named Mr. Stuart.


The name Beckamade comes from my childhood nickname, Beckaboo, which was the first business name I used when I made kids stuff way back when. Once I shifted focus, I took the Becka from Beckaboo to create Beckamade and there you have it.


A little background info on me... my background is in Studio Arts. I focused on Printmaking for a Bachelor of Fine Arts and later a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of North Dakota. I taught adjunct for a few years and then went on to open an art gallery with a dear friend. While working in the gallery I started making things to sell in the gift shop, and my little indie business was born.


You can follow me on instagram to get a behind the scenes look at my inspiration, upcoming products, and everyday life, with lots of silly kitty posts.


My designs can also be bought on all sorts of things from pillows to shirts to shower curtains on Redbubble here at beckamade.redbubble.com